Cars for Less Maui LLC has formed close relationships with several local and national lenders, so we’re able to offer financing rates that many other car dealers in Maui can’t offer. Since we deal with a wide variety of lenders, we’re able to offer multiple flexible financing packages with low rates and longer terms to fit your budget.

To receive more information about the financing options that we offer, please click the Credit Application link above to submit an online credit application to us. One of our financing experts will be in contact shortly to discuss the financing options we have available to meet your individual needs.

Q) I don’t have a driver’s license, can I get an auto loan?
A) You do not need a license to buy a car. You do need one to drive it, though.

Q) How long will this process take?
A) We can have your approval in minutes, the rest is up to you.

Q) What type of income is acceptable to get approved?
A) Printed paystubs showing deductions, Unemployment, Fixed income such as SSI, SSD, Workers Comp.

Q) What if I’m self-employed?
A) That’s fine, as long as you can prove your income with bank statements showing deposits, or canceled checks that you received.

Q) Do I need a down payment?
A) Most people do need some cash down. That is how the bank gets comfortable with loaning you the rest of the money you need to purchase the vehicle you want.

Q) How much of a down payment will I need?
A) The amount of your down payment is different for every customer, and depends on several factors, such as credit history, length of employment, and the kind of vehicle you wish to drive, We here at Cars for Less Maui will work with you to find the right vehicle, at the right down payment, and the right monthly payment for YOU!

Q) What if I have a trade-in?
A) Great. We take trades whether they are running or not. We will appraise the trade value of your vehicle and apply that towards your down payment. Often, we have customers whose trade in is worth enough that they don’t need any additional cash to get the vehicle they want.

Q) I’ve had a repossession. Can I still get approved?
A) Yes! Even if your repo was yesterday, we will get you approved for a loan.

Q) I’ve had a bankruptcy. Can I still get approved?
A) Yes! Even if your bankruptcy was discharged yesterday, we will get you approved for a loan.

Q) If I’m currently in a Chapter 13 (making payments) bankruptcy, can I still get approved?
A) Yes! There is a form “Permission to incur debt”. After it’s filled out, you need to get your attorney to have it signed by the Trustee..

Q) I’ve never had credit before. Can I still get approved?
A) Yes! As long as you have verifiable income, we will get you approved for a loan.

Q) How much income do I have to prove?
A) The minimum is $600 per month, before taxes are taken out.